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This week in Astrology: August 24-31, 2014-: Virgo New Moon assures divine order

Trust your intentions
Trust your intentions

August 25-31, 2014 the New Moon in Virgo happens Monday August 25 PST. It is most powerful within 48 hours so set things in motion, wave your magic wand for good. Virgo energy is highly productive. Be ready for a detailed plan of action to appear. If your health has been iffy, now you can find the solutions and the willpower to stick to a supportive healing regime. Saturn and Mars are fusing forces as well, a powerful energetic boon for intelligent progress. Relationship stress is highly likely this week as masculine go-getter Mars, and Feminine Venus, lover of ease, are not on the same page this week. Be a team player, intend the highest outcome for all involved for best results.

Virgo energy is here to assure order in all affairs. This powerful Virgo new moon urges us to be decisive and discriminating. It is time to shake loose any unbalanced past associations. Expect real clarity as a new sense of direction appears in the fog. Take action and use this meticulous Virgo power for good. Write, organize, analyze, find the flaws. Revel in your quest for perfection. Your senses will be finely attuned, allowing awareness of detrimental influences. Weed things out figuratively and literally while you have this helpful awareness of the flaws in the design. Take time to sit and write out your intentions. What is it that you need to get done? Light a candle, have a hot bath with epsom salts and essential oils, while you drift into a receptive state, see what new ideas arrive during this Virgo New Moon. You will be tickled by your own brilliant solutions.

To add to this detailed awareness of reality you are feeling, is stern Saturn fusing with mad Mars. The best manifestation of this energy would be a sudden passion for accomplishment; all the fiery forward moving parts of yourself given clear direction and the perseverance needed to make life happen how you choose. We are all working things out in our own ways, in our own time, and Mars square Saturn can create some serious tension, two energies that don't get each other, really don't even like each other. This could create clashes with authority, even your own authority might come into question. Any urge to control or dominate situations or people will rise as deep frustration, which leads to anger, which leads to outbursts. So if you feel angry check to see who is not meeting your expectations. And kindly change your expectations into preferences so you don't have to spend too much time pissed about the inadequacies and injustices of the world.

Tuesday PST Venus, ruler of what we value is Squaring stable Saturn. Venus in sunshiny Leo and Saturn in sceptical Scorpio are not working together and this can create a tension that feels like fighting. Venus wants things to be pleasant and Saturn is into getting the job done- however that needs to happen. Power struggles abound. Also, feelings of being the reject are likely to surface. When you find yourself feeling like a failure, Saturn is usually in the house, and not in healthy ways. Just remind yourself that we all feel like failures when Saturn transits- especially if we have not been doing what we know needs doing. Just do it. You will feel better later-remember, no pleasure that can't be savored in the morning is worth the indulgence.

Friday Neptune in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo. Push Pull exhaustion energy. If you can balance this energy you will find yourself divinely inspired, you will hear the trees and breath in their medicine. You will feel the Sun upgrading your DNA. You will step into an organized world of inspiration and joy! Nature has secrets for us to hear. Slow yourself down and listen, then organize the physical expression of what you've come to know. Neptune is hazy and gloriously mysterious the Sun is clear and direct. Breath in what you need to know. Surround yourself with light, add it to the future you choose. Our powers are exponentially increasing ,this week will help you to clarify and create fabulous futures which you so deserve.