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This was a picture of a brotherhood of bowling

It was a bonding experience for two bowling teams at AMF Woodlake Lanes.
It was a bonding experience for two bowling teams at AMF Woodlake Lanes.
Fred Eisenhammer

Get this.

Two teams gearing up to face off on the lanes for a bowling league championship were not playing the part of heated rivals.

Instead, they were mingling together, laughing it up and taking a group shot of the eight players from both teams.

It was a picture of harmony, one that personifies a brotherhood of bowling.

And that’s exactly how both teams felt before their bowl-off Tuesday night for the fall-league “Guys and Dolls” league title at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills.

“We bowled so often against each other, had so much fun and we rooted for each other,” said Christy Fentress about her idea for a bonding photo of the two teams before the title match.

“I just felt it was a show of solidarity – that we’re one. We were just playing a game.”

Christy’s “Mark It X Dude” team that included Martin Torres, Travis Abeyta and Jim O’Connell wound up winning the title by sweeping the three-game competition against the “Beauty & the Beasts” foursome of Jeanette Griffin, Josh Sanchez, Nick Alexander and Mike Rice.

But the “Mark It X Dude” victory seemed almost secondary to the show of sportsmanship by both teams.

For the record, McConnell led the way for his team with a 518 series, followed by Abeyta (509), Torres (500) and Fentress (484). Rice topped his team with a 533 series.

For Griffin, it was a special moment in history. She said she didn't expect to return to Woodlake Lanes for more league action because she was moving to San Bernardino County.

“It was an awesome experience [in the “Guys and Dolls’’ league],” she said. “This was my life on Tuesday nights. I’m going to definitely miss everyone.”

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