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'This War of Mine' questions the morality of players at PAX East 2014

artwork from the game "This War of Mine"
artwork from the game "This War of Mine"
11Bit Studios

If you think about it, when war strikes your home town, no one tells you what to do next. No one is there to hold your hand and tell you things will be okay. You're just thrown into things and left to deal with it. Survival is the goal, and surprisingly enough, something people tend to forget is not what the biggest threat is, but who the biggest threat is: other people. This is the theme for "This War of Mine," by 11Bit Studios.

At PAX East this past weekend, Boston Games Examiner caught up with Pawel Miechowski, Senior Writer at 11Bit Studios. After a demo he was kind enough to give us an overview of what players can expect when they play "This War of Mine."

He called it a game that breaks away from other war games. The teaser is a important because it leads the audience to think that they'll be, once again, dealing with the military, but then the scene changes and you, the audience, actually have to deal with the citizens of the war. Miechowski goes on to call the game a "tool" used to experience the other side of war. He also doesn't try to tell you a story with a great moral at the end. In fact, he tests you on the limits of your morals. How far will you go to get the things you and, possibly, your friends need in order to survive? Will you rob someone if you need to? Will you kill someone?

During the demo the player is literally thrown into the game. There is no tutorial, no other instructions given. The player is left to figure out how the game works; a comparison to real life. As the game progresses you must make decisions for your characters on whether they can sleep or scavenge throughout the night. The items they find help build tools and other equipment needed to survive. Equipment such as something to make clean water and another device that brews alcoholic beverages (an item used in trading). You must also find ways to deal with sickness and hunger.

When asked how long the game goes on for Miechowski replied, "[That's] a good question. When war breaks out, how many days do you survive? Do you know when war ends?...You don't know if it's going to last for months or for years, right? So that's [how it works] in 'This War of Mine."

"This War of Mine" will be available for PC and eventually a ported mobile version that will contain everything that the PC version has to offer. Miechowski also said the game will not be free-to-play. The game would be "spoiled" by micro transactions. "Expect a premium experience. You pay once and you have everything."

There is no set date on the game's release. However, players can expect it sometime this year.

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