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This viral video proves that trees just hate to be shot at

Man before tree falls
Man before tree falls

A recent video posted to YouTube shows a man shooting a tree with his rifle and the tree falling on him.

You can see him taking multiple shots at the tree then out of nowhere it comes crashing down on top of he and the cameraman.

“Oh!” One of them men exclaimed, “It hit me in the head!”

“Me too!” another man said.

Nobody knows if anybody was injured or not, and the 19 second video is rather inconclusive.

This should serve as a reminder to everyone to know what you’re shooting at and know what’s behind your target. Gun safety is always key, and a part of that is proper target selection.

The video was posted to YouTube on Friday and has gotten major attention, the same with Reddit.

Make sure you share this with your friends to show them why they should always be careful when choosing their target!

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