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This V-Day, Give Your Lady Undergarments She Will Actually Wear



Just in time for Valentines day, Daub+Design announced the launch of west coast textile design studio, "Panty of the Month" program. Now, as much as I hate the word "panty" these are some pretty snazzy underoos. They are hand-dyed, hand made and one of a kind, these seamless panties also can be worn as bikini bottoms for summer! Secret secret!

Monthly subscriptions are offered on a 3 month/6 month or 12 month basis to allow the girl in your life to fall in love completely (or just take you for a test drive). This is the perfect gift for wives, girlfriends, sisters, friends, daughters and bridesmaids. Every month, a pretty colorful panty is mailed right to her door. Each seamless panty is unique and comes nicely packaged.

Who is Daub+Design?

Lexi Soukoreff started Daub + Design in 2010 as a way to explore color, pattern, functionality and various surface design techniques. Her experience in the fashion industry and knowledge of traditional textile practices has helped shape Daub + Design’s style as it evolves to include design solutions that are respectful of the environment, and reflect the Vancouver-based textile design studio’s signature aesthetic. The hand-dyed fashions are created to be as one-of-a-kind as the brand’s West Coast clientele; one who’s as sophisticated as she is carefree, individual as she is feminine. The clothes and accessories with their seamless blend of laid-back and luxe are designed and hand-dyed because life should be full of color, pattern, and effortless chic.

Choose from 3 different color ways:

  1. FUN, FLIRTY, UNPREDICTABLY FEMININE: multicolored pattern all over
  2. CLASSIC, MODERN FEMME FATALE: black tie-dye on solid color
  3. SOPHISTICATED FREE SPIRIT: mix of both styles

Then choose the duration of the subscription:

  • 3 months: the TEST DRIVE: give them a whirl & fall in love
  • 6 months: the HONEYMOON: you know you have chemistry, let's take it a step further.
  • 12 months: the COMMITMENT: you've fully surrendered to falling in love with these bad boys :) you relinquish all previous notions of underwear.

Daub+Design is available at select boutiques across North America and at

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