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This time school shooting ends well

A gunman got into a Dekalb County school today, McNair Discovery Learning Academy, with an AK47, and endangered the life of staff and children. Fortunately, no one was hurt this time.

Parents had to endure a meticulous procedure filled process to pick up their children at the nearby Walmart, where they were brought on school buses, but at the end of the day, it all ended well. No children were shot. No school officials were injured. The gunman surrendered after exchanging a few bullets with police.

Following the surrender, police did a contained explosion on the trunk of the gunman's car because it is believed that there were explosives in the vehicle. There is also news of the gunman saying he "off his meds", which speaks to mental illness.

According to news reports, few parents were upset or disgruntled, as they were relieved to have their children back safe and sound.

Of course, there are questions yet to be answered. First, how did the gunman get into the school, when the school has a system to buzz in parents? It is suspected that he came in behind a parent who was being buzzed in, and if that happened, how do they prevent this from happening in the future? Perhaps there needs to be security outside the school entries. Second, is this going to renew the nation-wide talk about assault rifles, or will it matter at all? Third, is this nation every going to take mental illness seriously?

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