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This Thanksgiving try an organic turkey

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and menus are being prepared. With turkey at the top of most menus, it can be difficult to differentiate between the varieties of turkey available. It can also be difficult to justify spending more money on a turkey that is organic.

Here are a few reasons why organic turkeys are superior to the mass produced conventional turkeys found in most grocery stores.

  • Flavor! The flavor and texture of organic, free-range turkeys is much better than that of mass produced turkeys like Butterball.
  • No unpronounceable additives/fillers. Mass produced turkeys often come packed with additives and fillers.
  • How the turkeys are raised. Organic free-range turkeys have access to fresh air, exercise and quality food. Conventional turkeys are often raised in large warehouses without access to fresh air, exercise or quality food.

Ultimately, you and your family will decide whether or not a more expensive, organic free-range turkey is worth it. In times of celebration and being thankful for all that we have, feeding my family a ‘happy’ organic turkey is just part of the celebration. Happy Thanksgiving!

You can find organic free-range turkeys at these local Denver retailers: Sprouts, Whole Foods & Natural Grocers. Or get in touch with a local farmer!


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