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This summer travel in business class, the budget friendly way

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The terrible winter that the end of 2013 ushered in, had us running for the warmth of our rooms and refusing to get out even for a short walk. In fact, so cruel was nature that season that every time we thought the worst was over and it was time for some relief, the mercury would plummet even further down. Nonetheless, that long hard winter’s icy grip is finally off us and summer is just around the corner. So it’s time for us to get out of our sluggish, almost hibernating mode and partake in the most popular summer activity i.e. take a vacation to some faraway land.

The best vacation spots today are also some of the most luxurious and exotic places, and with luxury comes expenses to match. So in order to afford such a trip, one has to cut corners elsewhere e.g. if you’re to take a trip to Asia and stay and dine at the best 7 stars, then unless you have money to burn chances are you’ll at least queue up for the cheaper air tickets. What is the problem with this you ask? Well nothing really, but if you’re going to pamper yourself with a deluxe trip, a fourteen hour travel in a cramped coach seat can act as a big downer, especially when heading back home. But now there is a way out from the airfare conundrum, thanks to the multiple ways you can get budget friendly business class tickets.

Ways to get budget friendly business class tickets

Way 1 - Get the tickets well ahead of time. This is a time tested method, tickets are known to be cheaper when booked months ahead, and these become especially budget friendly when you utilize your frequent flier miles or couple them with specialty card offers from your bank.

Way 2 - In case you’re one of the more spontaneous travelers, and thus miss out on the perks of Way 1 you have can be the beneficiary of the slashed rates of the last few business class seats available in almost all flights. Every day there are more than one flight which have a few vacant seats which are given away at the last moment at throw away prices to cut losses of any amount. Thus, last minute ticket purchases or upgrading can often be astoundingly cheap, no matter how fancy the class of tickets.

Way 3 - Finally, one of the most useful, affective and popular ways of acquiring business class tickets for cheap today is via specialty sites like Sites like these have yearlong promotional offers, sales and coupons for all kinds of flights and Asap tickets have even just launched their program of providing budget friendly business class tickets e.g. the upcoming summer discounts for the month of may include $2200 round trip tickets for Europe and less than $3100 round trip tickets for Asia. Offers like these can help you get even up to 77% off on business class airfare along with providing all the perks of the executive category. So site like are possibly your safest bet when you think of traveling comfortably and in style.

So don’t tarry any longer, summers almost here, start packing your bags for a special retreat somewhere which will make you forget the last horrid winter, pamper and rejuvenate you, while not letting you compromise on any front.