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This successful restaurant not afraid to change in order to improve

This successful restaurant not afraid to change in order to improve
Denis Flierl

This Denver sandwich shop was successful, but chose to step out and were not afraid to change in order to improve. The most successful restaurants find a good business model and then stick with what made them successful. They duplicate that model over and over in a franchise concept that has worked well for McDonalds and others. Uber Sausage came up with a great idea and launched their first restaurant on East Colfax in Denver in 2011. The small sandwich shop was a big hit and is located near East High School and City Park. But they did something that was risky.

Uber Sausage was highly popular so the owners decided to open up another sandwich shop at a new location in the growing Highlands neighborhood just west of downtown Denver in April 2013. They took the same approach as before and kept the same name and menu as their E Colfax shop. But the growing Highlands area is much different from their E Colfax location with a diverse population of millennials who have different tastes.

They could have stayed with what made them successful

Brian who is the co-owner of Uber Sausage told me they decided to step out and change things up with the new sandwich shop. Brian says, “At first, it was called Uber Sausage with the same menu, but in November 2013 we changed our identity.” This is when they took a gamble and changed the name to Uber Eats and added new items to the menu that included tacos, salads and burgers.

Was the name change and new menu a hit in this growing millennial neighborhood? Brian said it was not only a success, but says, “The change has done wonders for us. The reason for the change was we wanted to be more diverse for the people in the area. Our Yelp score is 4.5 out of 5 as well.”

Not afraid to change their identity

When many other business models say you need to stay consistent with your branding, the owners of Uber Sausage found out it pays to listen to your customers and give them what they want. They could have stayed with the East Colfax model that was successful, but chose to step out and and were not afraid to change in order to improve. It’s even working so well, that they are opening up another restaurant location near downtown by the end of the year.

Uber Eats offers a great diverse menu and they make their own naturally raised, nitrate and preservative-free artisan sausages in-house. They have determined they want to bring the best sausage sandwich to Denver. They have a great Highlands location that overlooks the downtown Denver skyline. As I sat on the outside patio and ate my tasty sausage sandwich, I knew why this restaurant is so popular. They offer a great product at a great price in a great Highlands location. Uber Eats is located at 1535 Central St just west of I-25 in the Highlands. 303-433-4575.

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