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This shouldn't be allowed to happen: Ohio Student kills cat to use it for bait


It's a sad, sad world.

I read this and could not believe my eyes. An Ohio student killed and mutilated a domestic house cat to use the animal's organs as fishing bait. The article can be seen here.

The shortcoming of pet laws.

What kind of punishment is the guy looking at? A misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

It's not just lacking in Ohio.

I'd love to say our state's laws are better...but unfortunately, they're not. Someone could do the same atrocious act here and they wouldn't be looking at anything worse than a slap on the wrist.

We do have laws within the Texas Penal Code that address the issue of violence to animals, but as seen in this sad example mentioned above, the laws are lacking in a big way.

What can be done?

New laws are created all the time....but it doesn't happen over-night. I'll be writing about the various laws covering violence towards animals, and supplying information on what steps are taken to get a law from idea to reality.

Have a question? Wondering if there's a certain law that affects you and your furry companions? Send an email to and I'll find out for you.

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  • Amber Peterson 5 years ago

    This just breaks my heart! Animal abuse is a growing problem and many times ignored. I hope some justice is done in this case.