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This seasons surprise cancellations

Revolution cast members
Revolution cast members
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Maybe these are not all surprises, but some of them came out of nowhere. Some did not even give the series a chance. For example, Crisis hardly had its chance before it was cancelled. That is part of the problem with starting shows later in the season, people are not as interested in getting into a new show. It seems like every time poor Rachael Taylor gets a show something goes wrong and it gets the boot. Granted, last season she was in the sci-fi show 666 Park Avenue, which was a little too weird for most viewers. There were beliefs it would last with Terry O'Quinn in the cast, but that wasn't even to keep the show on for even the run of the first season.

The surprise to viewers was the cancellation of Revolution. The first season was great, but it lost its edge after last season ended. It lost too much of its mystery and started to get too weird with the nano tech stuff. At least they put the show out of its misery before it was too late. It was getting to the point where they were no longer working together, but always separated all over the place. There was no longer a common cause they were fighting for.

The CW cancelled one of their new hits, Star Crossed. It wasn't the best show the CW brought to air, but it had a great idea and story line for the love stories at least. It is a bummer that the show was cancelled with so many unanswered questions. If only they would end shows when they cancel it. At least end the story where it was, don't add any new mystery like they did. Of course, with the ideas the added that the bad Atrians were coming to earth would have probably ruined the show if it did continue.