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This season's ultimate accessory

Belted dress. Photo courtesy of
Belted dress. Photo courtesy of
Fashion trends come and go. This statement can certainly be proven by the countless Members’ Only jackets, Acid washed jeans, and Coogi sweaters, that the masses once could not live without, but now are ashamed to admit it.
While we look to beloved celebrities and the NY Fashion week runway models for our direction, one thing is for sure. Every look is not for everybody. So, where do you fit in this season?

The fashion industry has prescribed to the “less is more” look for many seasons now, and because of this, many have followed by baring their shoulders, décolleté, waistlines, and more.  Baltimore area fashion has not deprived us of skin-bearing ensembles, those tasteful, and those….not so much. 

Thankfully, for those of us slightly more self-conscious, this season is not about how much you can show, but it is all about the perfect belt. That’s right! Who knew your fashion status could be decided by something as simple as the right belt?
 Members of the jazz/gospel group sensation Reggie Young & Gospel Park
 showing what a belt can do!
Belts have been known to cover a multitude of sins. Cinching in, covering up, and even creating waistlines where there are none. They accent the waist, add excitement to an outfit and can instantly pull an outfit together. Changing the belt can also change the entire look of the outfit taking it from casual to chic.  
Reconcile yourself with your individual body shape, be it long, short, thin, full, or just shapeless altogether. Determine your scale, shape, and proportions. Then, rejoice in the fact that this season, there will be a belt available that will come to your rescue, revitalize old clothes in your wardrobe, and catapult you to being truly fashionable. Luckily, there is a belt for every body.
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