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This scam warns homeowners of impending eviction

The Eviction Notice Scam begins with an email containing a subject heading similar to “Eviction Notice.” The scam is targeted at homeowners, but could easily be misconstrued by those who rent. Here’s one example of the text in the email.

Notice of eviction,

This notice is to inform you that your home has been foreclosed on by the bank and you need to move out until [email will include a date in the future]. To make necessary arrangements you have to contact us in the earliest possible time.

If you decide to cooperate and fulfill you obligations, the bank will offer you a reasonable period of time for moving out. Otherwise, you will be evicted in an administrative proceeding. Please do contact us in the shortest possible time.

Enclosed is the detailed statement of the bank.

What’s wrong with this attempt to scam homeowners?

  • The email is generic, i.e., it was not addressed to anyone other than an email address. No names were used in the email.
  • A bank is not going to issue an eviction notice via email. The process is far more formal than a dashed-off note.
  • The “bank” is not identified. Who is foreclosing?
  • Foreclosures are not temporary, but permanent. Once the bank gets a debtor out of a home, they do not want them returning.
  • Although there is mention of fulfilling obligations, in this case that seems to mean getting out of the home temporarily rather than paying the mortgage. There is no amount given to cure the foreclosure.
  • The notice is signed that it is coming from “Real Estate Agency.” Since real estate agencies are in the business of selling homes, not removing people from them, this is also as phony as the rest of the scam.

The “statement” is attached as a zip file attached and most likely contains malware or a virus. Delete the attachment without opening it to be safe.

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