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This Saturday your mail carrier wants to collect while distributing

Leave an item or two and help letter carriers 'Stamp Out Hunger!'
National Association of Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive

This Saturday, May 10th marks the 22nd Annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive across our great nation. This year they are looking to add even more than last year to the Drive’s history.

Last year, in fact, the Letter Carrier’s Food Drive collected 74.4 million pounds of food, driving the grand total over the 21 years to date to 1.3 billion pounds! That is significant, but so is the amount of people in need!

If you have never participated, it is easy to get involved. Here is what you do according to the Letter Carriers Food Drive Rules:

1. Collect and bag non-perishable food items (ie: canned meats, fish, soup, juice, vegetables, pasta, cereal, peanut butter and rice. Make certain the expiration dates are not past due or that the goods are in glass jars).

2. Place the bag by your mailbox so that your letter carrier can collect it when they deliver your mail.

3. The letter carriers will gather up all of the donations and distribute them to your local food bank or food pantry.

There is always something small that most everyone can donate. People that are hungry are not particular about where their food comes from, only that they and their families get the required nutrients that every living person needs to survive.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has more than 1,500 branches throughout the United States. When you consider this day of charity, you have to envision chaos as the food drive coordinators, family members and volunteers are meeting in their various locations in order to assure that the food collection on Saturday goes off without a hitch. If you have ever been involved in any charitable feat, you will realize just how difficult one of this magnitude would be. But somehow, year-after-year, those in charge of this magnanimous day seem to pull it off without a hitch!

They have their communities to partially thank for that. If not for the efforts of the donators, the committees simply would not have anything to coordinate!

So, if you could spare a can of soup, a bag of rice or beans, or any other nutritious perishable food item or two, the letter carriers will proudly accept your offering and get it to the people in your area that need it the most. There is nothing more discouraging for hungry people than to go to their local food pantry for help and there is no food there for them to retrieve. It is enough to make a grown person cry.

The letter carriers see the poverty and despair as they distribute bills to those that have no way to pay. They are making this effort to afford those people with a solution and they welcome your assistance!

The letter carriers are proudly sponsored this year by the National Association of Letter Carriers, the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, the United States Postal Service, Valpak, Campbell’s, Publix, Feeding America, the United Way , the AFL-CIO, Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, AARP Drive to End Hunger, Valassis.

Don’t forget to leave a non-perishable food item or two in a bad by or on your mailbox Saturday. Even the smallest of donations are appreciated!

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