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This river isn't wild, just a little bit naughty

Heading to the river
Heading to the river


  • Rick 6 years ago

    Wow, These are great photos.
    I'm so jealous.

  • Lindsay Godfree - National Cross Country Travel 6 years ago

    Many people are going to the rivers to stay cool. Class three is too much for me...I was on a float in Missouri this weekend and ended up going in.

  • Deb Minkkinen 6 years ago

    Great photos! You go girl!

  • Nancy 6 years ago

    Holy smoke, that river looks kinda wild to me! But what fun!

  • Cammie 6 years ago

    That looks like a ton of fun!! I'm glad you were able to get some pictures so we can enjoy too! :-D

  • Lindsay 6 years ago

    One more comment. You have a great title but it looks wild to me! Glad to see the smiles in your photos!

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