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This polymer cup can distinguish Coke from Pepsi… and more


How many cups of water do you drink every day? Do you know (and care) how much sugar, caffeine and other nutrients your body will absorb when you consume different kinds of beverages? If you agree that sufficient hydration is the fundamental step of leading a healthy diet and lifestyle, you might wish to use some help from a smart cup called Vessyl. And by saying “smart”, it means it in a quirky yet practical way; you will no longer be cheated by cunning bartenders who give you Carlsberg when you order Heineken, and the sweet taste of Pepsi will be recognized by the clever device instead of being wrongly labeled as “Coke”.

With its minimalist design, the 13-ounce Vessyl may look like nothing more than an ordinary cup. But as long as something is poured into it, its magic begins. The type of the liquid will immediately be detected and shown on the cup itself, while the connected mobile app will display more details about the liquid on your iOS or Android smartphones, including the brand, flavor, ingredients, and amounts of nutrients. When tilted to its back, the Vessyl will let you know your real-time hydration level with a sharp indicator. The trick behind all this comes from the sensors built around the entire cup, which are able to analyze the molecular components of various types of liquid.

So how does the Vessyl actually help us to achieve a healthier lifestyle? Well it’s a cup after all, so it cannot offer direct aids in this regard. As written on Vessyl’s FAQ page, it will not be able to “lift weights for you.” But by providing us with the detailed nutrition information of drinks, as well as tracking and timing our hydration intake, we can easily notice whether our habit is on the right track, modify any flaws accordingly, and maximize our efforts to build muscles or lose weight.

But same as other gadgets, the Vessyl doesn’t come cheap, and is not available yet. The retail price of each cup will be $199, while the first batch will not be shipped until early next year. There are 3 more days left for the pre-order period though, in which the price is reduced to $99 for each cup, so hurry up if you wish to give it a go.