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This pet will likely out-live you – The African Grey

The pet that may out live you
The pet that may out live you

The African Grey is one of a kind.

The African Grey Parrot has a unique sense of humor and often takes on the personality of its owner, right down to the sound of his or her voice. Owners of the African Grey tell stories of the parrot answering the phone when it rings though not able to reach it. The parrot will inject its thoughts into an extended conversation. One must be careful not to utter too many “colorful metaphors”, as Spock would put it, because the bird with follow suit at the most inappropriate time.

We are losing the African Grey

Unfortunately, due to the pet trade and habitat destruction the birds are slowly disappearing in the 23 of the African countries of their habitat.

Their size and lifespan

The African Grey measure about 12-14 inches, the male being larger than the female. Their lifespan is between 40-60 years. So it is easily agreed that if one acquires the pet in their 40’s, they may find the parrot will out-live them by several years. It is always best when purchasing a pet with such a long lifespan to make adequate arrangements should your life end before theirs.

They are one smart bird

The African Grey is extremely intelligent and requires an owner that is devoted to their care and nurturing. They can become easily bored by inactivity causing the proverbial feather picking syndrome which can be quite dangerous to their health and costly to treat.

These intelligent birds have a better possibility of a happy life with an owner who is diligent and experienced in their care. It is always important to remember that a commitment to a pet of any kind is for a lifetime.

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