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This Nutritional Toxin Will Surprise You

One of the great nutritional challenges these days is learning to manage all the information we hear about various toxic foods, toxins in those foods, toxins in the air, the water, and in the vast majority of our household and beauty care products. It seems like there’s a lot to worry about doesn’t it? I am aware of this as I suggest to you that there is another, yet probably quite surprising, toxin you should be aware of. That toxin is unexpected and not one we talk about a lot, but it for sure has detrimental effects.

The toxin I'm speaking of is Judgment.

This toxin can impact us in some very powerful ways. It actually interferes with higher critical thinking. It stops creativity. It limits our intellectual bandwidth and understanding. And it has a strong influence on our eating behaviors, and can even impact our behavior towards others

In nutrition as in life, when we use our judgments to stop all conversation, then we have dramatically limited our possibilities to learn, grow, evolve and be exposed to information that might actually be important for us. When we’re in judgment, it’s easy to feel right, righteous, and we truly believe that we have the moral and intellectual high ground. But can you recall any time in life where you held some very strong and powerful and immutable beliefs about the way things were – and then eventually those unchangeable beliefs indeed changed – and for the better?

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