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This new device can charge your iPhone from zero to full in 30 seconds

A new device that can charge your iPhone or smartphone from zero to full in 30 seconds made its debut at Microsoft's Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday, according to an April 7 report in

StoreDot, an Israeli tech startup demonstrated a game-changing device that will forever put an end to the frustration of waiting hours for your iPhone or smartphone to charge—and promises to charge your iPhone or smartphone's battery in just 30 seconds. Yes, even if your iPhone or smartphone has zero power.

This device uses peptides which are linked together to build a bio-organic super-fast charging battery that is about the size of a laptop charger. When this bio-organic battery is connected to an iPhone or smartphone, the motion of the peptides, powers up an iPhone or smartphone in 30 seconds—as you can see in the video.

Sadly, despite the promise of this super-fast charging battery, this device won't hit store shelves before 2016.

In the meantime, StoreDot is working to reduce the size of this super-fast charging device so that the current laptop size charger fits inside your smartphone at a cost which is about the same, or less, than a laptop charger. This is a dramatically different approach to the way most startups are approaching the hot iPhone or smartphone battery charging market. Most tech startups are focusing on wireless battery charging.

StoreDot sees a big future for this super-fast charging technology for charging your iPhone or smartphone, as well as, for bio-organic technology in general. StoreDot has already developed a bio-organic iPhone display which produces the complete RGB spectrum without the expense and toxicity of current manufacturing processes and materials.

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