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THIS JUST IN: Sirius/XM to launch Paul McCartney Fireman channel with unreleased tracks (updated)

Paul McCartney (Photo by Ruth Ward. Copyright MPL Communications Ltd.)
Paul McCartney (Photo by Ruth Ward. Copyright MPL Communications Ltd.)

    A new radio series inspired by Paul McCartney's Fireman
    "Electric Arguments" will premiere Feb. 14. (Photo by Steve
    Gullick. Copyright MPL Communications Ltd.)


An exclusive limited-run satellite radio channel devoted to the music of Paul McCartney in celebration of his critically-acclaimed "Electric Arguments" album will premiere on Valentine's Day, Sirius/ XM  announced Thursday.

Paul McCartney's Fireman Radio, named for the Fireman alter ego the singer used for the album, will air Feb. 14 through March 13 on the Bridge, SIRIUS channel 33 and XM channel 27. The channel will feature interviews with McCartney in which he'll discuss his inspiration behind his Fireman projects.

The commercial-free channel will feature music from McCartney's  post-Beatles catalog and include music from his solo records, Wings albums, the three Fireman albums (1993's "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest" and 1998's "Rushes," as well as "Electric Arguments"), plus unreleased tracks from McCartney's vault.

In the series, McCartney will explore tracks from "Electric Arguments," and, according to the announcement from SIRIUS, "will pull back the curtain to reveal the creative process behind The Fireman. Never before has McCartney shared so many personal insights into this fascinating chapter in his musical legacy."

Each week, McCartney will also include a "fireside chat" where he will discuss music, politics, news and other topics at random.

"Paul McCartney's Fireman Radio allows all of us the privilege to hear a revealing side of one of the world's biggest artists, sharing his work in a way that is unprecedented in its scale, unduplicated in its intimacy, and completely unique to SIRIUS XM," said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio, in the news release announcing the new show.

An alliance between Sirius/XM and McCartney was hinted at on "The Howard Stern Show" after McCartney's appearance on the show Jan. 14 when it was mentioned by Stern that "Paul is doing something for SIRIUS." Stern then said he wasn't sure if it could be talked about on the air and his producer, Gary, replied it shouldn't be. In answer to an inquiry, a SIRIUS spokesman would only say, "Paul was in the building for Howard Stern" and gave no further details.

The new show is similar to "Oobu Joobu," a radio series McCartney did in 1995 for Westwood One that featured demos, rehearsals, live performances, and unreleased recordings by McCartney and the Beatles.

UPDATE: Sirius and XM has a webpage devoted to the new show with exclusive McCartney video. It's at

UPDATE II: Sirius does not have a program schedule available for the show yet, so there's no idea about repeats. We'll give you the program schedule when we get it.

For more information, visit http:/ or 

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  • Patti M 5 years ago

    Steve, can you clarify, is there going to be a set schedule (that repeats presumably) for the different segments?

  • Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner) 5 years ago

    I'll check. The press release didn't indicate.

  • Michelle C 5 years ago

    Hey just heard the announcement on XM and was about to drop you a note. Of course, you already knew! I didn't hear re: time. I kinda remember a 24 hour/day. But don't rely on me. Only listen to King Marinucci.

  • Steve Marinucci (Beatles Examiner) 5 years ago

    Michelle C.: They don't have a time schedule yet. I added an update in answer to a similar question about repeats. As soon as I get the info from SIRIUS/XM, I'll put the information up.