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This just in, George Foreman indoor-outdoor grill for 13 servings

George Foreman Indoor-Outdoor Grill for 13 servings
George Foreman Indoor-Outdoor Grill for 13 servings
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Super Bowl alert and everything after: Home and Living received a George Foreman grill like you’ve never seen before. Yes, it still has the same signature red dome but this grill serves up to thirteen people and has some special features.

  • It’s easy to put together, all the pieces fit nicely and are snug: patio sized
  • It’s compact, yet great for larger gatherings
  • Unlike other regular grills, this one still drains the fat away
  • It has variable temperature controls
  • And the easy, non-stick coating for quicker clean up

If you live in a co-op and can’t use gas grills, this is your answer. And how great is this for a patio or small apartment?—the perfect size for that little mini deck. And one other unique to George feature is the temperature probe; the indicator light on the temperature control will cycle on and off as thermostat maintains the proper temperature.

" great is this for a patio or small apartment? ..."

Cook chicken breasts, 1-inch thick fish, pork chops, sausage, steak and shrimp in addition to your burger fare. There is also a roasting chart (you are cooking under the dome) and think about doing larger cuts of beef pot roast, ham or baked potatoes. Don’t be afraid to make kabobs with fresh vegetables.

If you’re on a diet try turkey sliders or vegetable combos, using low-cal dressing as your marinade.

We suggest you use tender cuts of boneless meat or marinate your cuts overnight. Only turn the meat once and if you leave the lid on it will make your product more moist and juicy. And never forget to let thicker cuts of meat rest before serving

Bring the best elements of the tailgate home with the the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill and cook all your game day favorites to perfection for up to thirteen people.

Retails at Target for $89.99

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