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This just in: $99 for a beautiful Brazilian Blowout

Modeling is taxing on your hair. Some stylists may choose to swirl your whole head into a knot and then nudge you onto the runway. They want you to look good for an hour, they don’t care that afterwards shaving your head may be the best option to counter the damage.

Many models have this exact experience. The advertisers, and the modeling agency are happy. The pictures came out amazing during this shoot, but their hair came out in pieces. If you learn nothing else in modeling, or life for that matter, know that if you don’t take care of yourself, there is a chance that nobody else will either.

One way to boost the strength, manageability, straightness and shininess of your strands is to get a Brazilian Blowout. World famous models, actors, actresses have been using a very easy but slightly expensive trick to have unbelievably beautiful tresses. Now, bankers, teachers, plumbers and anyone who has struggled with frizz can achieve the same feat.

The Elite Salon and Spa in Riverside, California is offering a 50% discount on this service. For a limited time, they are charging $99, though certain restrictions apply. This is a hundred dollar savings and those interested can contact them at 951-534-0479.

To be well informed of the potential risks of this chemical process click on the video, and for more information on occurrences in the modeling industry, be sure to subscribe!


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