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This is why bowling is so crazy

Norm Duke took the spotlight in Las Vegas
Norm Duke took the spotlight in Las Vegas
Skip Bolen / Getty Images

So you’re kicking yourself something fierce because you bowled below your average for a game . . . or even a series?

Consider what happened in the Suncoast Professional Bowlers Assn. Senior U.S. Open in Las Vegas on Friday?

The big news was that Norm Duke (shown in photo) defeated fellow Hall of Famer Pete Weber, 213-174, in the championship match to become the first bowler to win a U.S. Open title on both the PBA and PBA50 tours.

Duke’s title overshadowed the preceding match in the stepladder playoffs. In that semifinals duel, Weber vanquished Hall of Famer Brian Voss, 193-158.


This is a score that such Valley stars as Johnnie Englehart and Kelly Gold could easily surpass – blindfolded!

Voss was just coming off a rousing 263-194 victory over Amleto Monacelli in the first stepladder match.

PBA writer Jerry Schneider charitably described Voss’ loss against Weber this way: “The 55-year-old Voss, who won 25 PBA tour titles, advanced to the semifinal against Weber but lost his shot . . . ”

This is not to demean the right-handed Voss, who is 10th all time in PBA titles.

It just shows that anything can happen in bowling.

Even to the pros!

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