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THIS Is the Way To Come Home!

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A Spring Hill teenager got the surprise of a lifetime Monday when she was just minding her own business, following other classmates into the school auditorium thinking that a teacher was going to be honored. Little did she know she was going to experience the biggest surprise of her life thus far!

Miranda Taylor, 17, and her classmates thought they were attending an assembly to honor social sciences teacher Paul Young, and in some respect, he was honored at the assembly; however, that was not the highlight of the assembly.

The crowd of students roared when, “Corpsman David Taylor appeared on stage to present a flag that he flew in Afghanistan in Young’s honor. He said Young was his most inspirational teacher” (Breit 1). Needless to say, Miranda Taylor rushed up to the stage as fast as she could to greet her brother whom she had not seen since Christmas of 2012. The Taylors’ mother helped pull off the surprise (Breit 1).

“’I was really happy,’ Miranda Taylor said. ‘He said that he was going to come back and I’ve just been really missing him a lot and it’s been hard’” (Breit 1).

David Taylor plans on spending his 24 days of leave with his family and friends. Miranda describes the entire event as “surreal” (Breit 1).

How cool is it that a young Serviceman not only got to honor an adult who influenced him during his teenage years, but he was able to pull off this spectacular surprise for his younger sister? This has “Teen Mentoring” written all over it! Many accolades to the people who were in on the project and managed to ‘pull it off’ without David’s teacher or sister knowing about it. That is the way to celebrate a hero!

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