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This is the place: Brigham Young's paradise lost

When Brigham Young led the saints over the hills and into the Wasatch Valley, he was heard to exclaim that “This is the place.” Young’s position in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as prophet and seer gave him the divine right to commune with God and receive direct revelations for the Church itself.

Air Pollution DAQ Screen Shot
U of U Webcam

His proclamation was not one of a man looking on the beauty of a valley. Rather it was a proclamation from God declaring that this valley was to be a holy place on the Earth for saints all over the world to look toward for guidance.

However, much like Adam and Eve defiled the Garden of Eden with their sins and caused the fall of man, the saints in Utah have done the same thing to this divinely gifted place.

While politicians line their pockets and proclaim state rights over federal rights, they are laying the groundwork that will require the EPA to act against the pollution.

While people continue the disingenuous arguments about driving using numbers that are skewed in favor of business with Kennecott mine listed as a point source and its trucks and tractors listed in transportation, they are continuing to obfuscate the truth, like the Inversion hides the mountains.

While corporations continue to lead the oversight committees that are supposed to regulate their industrial pollution output, they also pollute the land with oil spills and nuclear waste, the water notwithstanding the valiant beavers of Willard Bay State Park, and the minds of the people who live in the valley with lies, greenwashing and fallacies.

As Utahns sit mired in the haze of Inversion, it is really the fog of ignorance that dooms them to suffer the indignities of profits over people, and rights of corporations to pollute on a massive scale that leads to worse health, lower IQs and environmental depression.

It is possible that Young saw the Wasatch Valley of the future becoming a wasted dump, where air pollution was defended, where corporations took what they wanted and left people and the government holding the bag of industrial waste cleanup and health problems and where politicians and members of His Church turned a blind eye as they quested for jobs, profits and to limit the rights of others.

It is possible that he saw all of these things, and he wept.

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