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This is the most Japanese thing that has ever happened

I think I have found the end of the Internet.

Japanese Daihatsu Midget II commercial
© Standard YouTube license

Because my friends and I are not normal people, we use cars to chastise one another. Recently, one friend says that I'm going to be cursed to staring at a Pontiac Aztek for the rest of my life, and another friend said that my punishment in hell will be to work nonstop on a Z32 Nissan 300ZX twin-turbo for all eternity.

In a moment of desperation, I had to dig deep. I had to think of something so evil, so unimaginably vile, that Beelzebub himself would pity the poor soul who would have to suffer such a heinous punishment.

And you better believe I did.

"Both of you will be stuck in a Daihatsu Midget together for the rest of your lives," I retorted.

The gauntlet... it had officially been thrown down. Not only had my friends underestimated my knowledge of forgotten and unwanted cars, but they had underestimated how terrible of a person I am.

Though it has been featured in several versions of the Gran Turismo racing video game, neither one of them had any idea what a Daihatsu Midget was, and when I Googled it to show it to them, I came across the video you see above... and after you watch it, you'll easily understand why both of them conceded the argument.

Before you just go wantonly clicking on random YouTube videos, though, you need to keep reading.

What you are about to watch is the most grotesque, nonsensical, and unapologetically Japanese thing you will ever encounter in your entire life. There's tightly enclosed spaces, there's girls in tutus, there's invisible dogs barking... and there's sped up, live action film of a Daihatsu Midget driving that looks so cartoonish, Hanna and Barbera are applauding in the afterlife.

I'm warning you: the next 15 seconds of your life might very well be a religious experience, one that you may not be prepared for.

Or at the very least, you'll immediately turn off your computer and declare "I think that's enough Internet for today."


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