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This is the end of the Superior Spider-Man

For 30 issues Dan Slott has be torturing fans of Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man by telling wickedly, exciting stories featuring Peter's replacement in the costume, Doctor Octopus the Superior Spider-Man. The “Superior Spider-Man” series has been one of the more innovative takes on Spider-Man creating all kinds of tension in Spider-Man's life.

With Doctor Octopus out of Spider-Man's head Marvel Comics gives a wide variety of covers to the final issue of "The Superior Spider-Man."
Giuseppe Camuncoli
Doctor Octopus is gone and Peter Parker is coming back.
J. Scott Campbell / Marvel Comics

Slott with artists Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos, and Giuseppe Camuncoli have left an undeniable mark on the history of Spider-Man that all comes to an end with "The Superior Spider-Man" #31 on sale now.

It was no secret that when Doctor Octopus usurped Peter Parker's brain to become Spider-Man that Peter would need to return at some point. But for those 30 issues of "Superior Spider-Man" Slott created false hope with twists and turns that kept fans wondering if Peter would ever come back.

Marvel Comics spilled the beans in January when they announced that Peter Parker would be starring in All-New Marvel NOW! "The Amazing Spider-Man" #1 on sale later this month. But how was Slott going to return Peter to the mask? Doctor Octopus did a lot of good and a lot of bad things as Spider-Man how could Peter ever take his life back.

In dramatic fashion as told by Slott with Camuncoli and a script by Christos Gage, the end comes to Superior Spider-Man as Peter takes back the webs for a final confrontation with the Green Goblin in the conclusion of the five part “Goblin Nation."

The final story has a huge payoff that satisfies any action junkie’s needs. The story has a well planned all-out, knockdown, drag out fight with The Green Goblin's henchmen to fight his way through this gauntlet to save the one person most important to Doctor Octopus. The person is so important that Doc Ock finally admits he is not truly a Superior Spider-Man to Peter Parker.

Camuncoli's art is beautiful capturing every moment with vivid detail. It is dynamic in its portrayal of a Manhattan overrun by Goblins. The artist makes Peter look like the Spider-Man that has been the icon of Marvel Comics for over 50 years.

The slate gets cleared but not cleaned. Many of the machinations put in motion will have a huge impact on Peter Parker's life beginning in the new series.

Most importantly, Slott shows at last why Peter Parker is the Spider-Man the world needs. You can wear the costume, spin the webs, but when it comes to great power and great responsibility no one can fill Peter's boots.

While the story plotted by Slott and scripted by Gage is the major action culmination to the story. Gage with artist Will Sliney capture the quieter moments as Peter starts to repair some of the relationships destroyed by Doctor Octopus. It is a send off to some old friends while redefining long time Spider-Man cast members.

The $5.99 price tag for “Superior Spider-Man” is well worth every penny to fans of the web-slinger everywhere. Slott’s a master at long term planning in his stories and can really make his work payoff. If you missed “Superior Spider-Man” but want to jump into “The Amazing Spider-Man” this issue looks like the perfect place to start.

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