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"This is It" shows Michael Jackson at his finest

This is It movie poster
This is It movie poster
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Rating 4 out of 5.

Michael Jackson was a very talented individual. His whole life was spent dedicated to music but the problem is we never had a chance to see his genius musical side until now. The film This is It is a documentary of the last concert Jackson was planning on performing until his unfortunate death. Jackson made it a habit to film his rehearsals for personal use but from someone with a performing arts background he also was possibly using these tapes as second opinions and angle of his performance.
As mentioned above there were only certain sides of Jackson that we got to see. The most obvious would be his singing and his dancing. But one of the most impressive things that I saw from this film was Jackson's ability to manipulate sound and music to get just the right tones he needed.

Jackson was 50 at the time of his death and there are certain parts of the film where you can see that he is not really well. Even though majority of the film displays an ailing Michael Jackson who is more concerned with blocking and direction of his concert (this is normal for all professional performers). There was defiantly something magical that happened when Jackson started moving along with the right music. Jackson was no longer an eerie guy that seemed overwhelmed with the task of putting on his last concert. Instead Jackson was transformed before our eyes into that amazing dancer that defined the 80's with jaw-dropping moves.

Interesting points of the film were classic Michael Jackson songs and performances including my personal favorite "Smooth Criminal". There was also I guess what could be called "Thriller 2.0" with different lyrics performed by the late Vincent Price. This new version of Thriller was cool, but the Vincent Price segment of the song was one that I always look forward to, so it was kind of a letdown but exciting at the same time.

The comments from Michael Jackson's performers were good, but I would have liked to see more of the concert it's self. With the concert close to completion, I am sure there had to be more footage that could have been added to give us a better idea of what the full concert would have been like.

Fortunately I was able to see Michael Jackson in concert and he was amazing. Michael Jackson was possibly one of the greatest performers that has ever moon-walked this Earth. His concert was the best concert I have ever seen and this is another level that this films hits, for all those that have missed the opportunity to see Jackson in concert, they and future generations will now be able to enjoy the spectacle of a Michael Jackson concert. Jackson now joins the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Bruce Lee and others who sadly never got to see their greatest works realized, but at least he gave us this as a final gift to remember him by.

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