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This is how unhealthy Taco Bell's new breakfast is

Everybody's interested in Taco Bell's new breakfast menu since their "Guess Who Loves Taco Bell's Breakfast?" ads started going viral. But this stuff is hardly part of a nutritious breakfast.

The Mystery of Fast Food Ingredients

Chances are you will have eaten out at a fast food establishment recently, but do you really know what you're eating? You probably wouldn't crave these foods so much if you knew the stories behind the way they're made and the ingredients that have been added.

How many people eat fast food?

Every month a recent survey showed that out of 10 Americans, 8 ate fast food a minimum time of once each month. Out of the 8, 10 admitted that their frequency was at least weekly.

The Taco Bell (Nutritional) Facts

Glancing through the new menu, a few frightening things pop out immediately, namely sky-high amounts of these:

  • Fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Carbs
  • Sugar
  • Sodium

Not to mention, dangerous trans-fats are still abundant. Despite governmental attempts to reduce their amounts in our foods, trans-fats are still everywhere, especially in fast-food. Taco Bell's new items are no exception.

Eggs made from DIY products?

Many people purchase their breakfast on the way to work to save time in the morning. The egg breakfast sandwiches at many fast food outlets are not made from fresh produce alone. They are a mixture of the eggs you find in the supermarket as well as a blend of eggs which contain glycerin which is one of the ingredients you find in your cleansing products such as soap and even shaving cream. They also contain the silly putty ingredient silicone and calcium silicate which is used to seal roofs so they don’t leak and keeps concrete in place. Not so appetizing now, is it?

Meat with little meat content

The chicken options in cheaper fast food outlets such as chicken burgers, nuggets and even some sandwiches have been produced by using the left overs including bones from chicken once the good cuts have been used elsewhere. They are all put together in a food processor and then molded to the desired shape, fried and served as your meal.
Taco Bell, a popular place to eat out as a couple, family or with friends, was once sued when it was found their meat was made up of so many ingredients that only 36% of the content was beef. This has now been changed but the meat used is still heavily processed and no good for your health. Lots of fat and flavorings are added to make the meat appealing to customers.

Scary salads

You would never think to ask what ingredients go into the salad options when you eat out. You would just assume that the lettuce is harvested, washed, and chopped for your salad or burger. This is unfortunately not the case. If you think that crispy lettuce is the sign of health and freshness, you could be mistaken as many fast food manufacturers coat the salad with propylene glycol. It has been deemed as safe but is an ingredient that is also used in antifreeze and lubricant products.

Sickening sauces

We expect the FDA to protect us from foods that could be harmful to our health and shut down establishments that are serving substandard goods. Next time you dip a nugget or your fries in your favorite sauce there is something you should first know. Per 100grams of the sauce at least 50 fly eggs can be found. Even more disturbing is that there is usually at least 1 maggot that can be found. It is unlikely you will be able to notice this, but if there were that many flies in the kitchen of a restaurant you were about to eat in, you would be unlikely to stay.

Fountain of youth for your food

Gone is the age of people growing old gracefully, many of us use products to keep our appearances as young as possible for as long as we can. Believe it or not food seems to have followed in the same path. The longer food lasts, the less food gets disposed of so lots of preservatives are added to keep foods looking good for longer. The preservatives stop the growth of certain bacteria so they do serve a purpose. Unfortunately food was never meant to last years so other ingredients are added so that the food is still palatable. If I were to offer you a burger that was over three years old you would not touch it, yet a high percentage of people eat products that have long sell by dates regularly but are not even aware of it.

While Taco Bell's menu items often contain only a few ingredients and some of them are vegetables, the extreme processing that every ingredient undergoes just sucks the nutritional value of all of them. Fast food is simply a trade-off no matter the restaurant: convenience and (sometimes) price in exchange for pseudo-nourishment.

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