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This is how Obama could empty out and close Gitmo

How Obama could empty and close Gitmo
How Obama could empty and close Gitmo
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It has been said that Barack Obama is absolutely fanatical about wantng to release all the enemy combatants detained at Guantanamo Bay and close the facility. He so badly wants to do this, he really could if he wants to, and here's how he would do it. Now if Obama really does go ahead and do this, and I hope he does not do it of course, it will either mean I looked in a crystal ball and saw it before he did it, or it means ol' Barry Soetoro is reading this column and took the idea from here. I hope that doesn't happen either.

The Taliban has already said Americans are at risk now and they will make more effort to target Americans around the world. Why not? If they can get five of their for every American they capture, they can get the rest of their 149 that are now in Gitmo by capturing about 30 Americans. That's the danger of Obama's wreckless decision to trade five hardened Taliban commanders for one likely traitor and possible deserter. What's to stop the Taliban from caputuring more Americans to trade them back to us for their enemy combatants currently in Guantanamo?

But this is also Obama's opening. Because Americans are now endangered by Taliban threats to caputure more Americans, Obama can say he has one unfortunate choice, but must make that one tough choice to protect Americans around the world. And the only way he sees to do that, and must do it now before any Americans are caputured by the Taliban, is to immediately release all the remaining 149 enemy combatants currently held at Gitmo. Then he can finally say he made good on his campaign promise to close the place.

Now never mind that the threats from the Taliban are a dynamic he created this past weekend by releasing the Taliban Five. That's a unimportant detail, he would say, perhaps it's even a “phony scandal,” that in no way changes the reality that we face (that he created but don't remind him of that.) So he will say, our only choice now is to release the rest of them so Americans around the world will not be threatened by the Taliban. At the same time, Obama can negotiate peace with the Taliban and immediately end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troups home. He can declare the war won, even if it is lost, and call it a success and bring all our troops home immediately.

He could try this, and it wouldn't surprise me if he actuallyl does try it. But, it will prove again how clueless and out of touch this president is, because Obama would quickly find this will blow up as did his decision to trade the Taliban Five for Bowe Bergdahl. But could it work for Obama, who seems to politically survive by constantly distracting attention away from one scandal by getting himself into another scandal. We have, as Mark Steyn noted on the Rush Limbaugh Show, a full all you can eat buffet of Obama Scandals, but yet the president has yet to be held accountable for any of the scandals, including Bergdahl-gate.

Now if Obama actually does try this, I will call for him to be impeached. But he could care less about that because I've called for him to be impeached several times now. But it will be many others, whose voices are far more important than mine, will also call for Obama to be impeached. And those voices might finally be heard, in Congress, where Republicans have the votes and can impeach this president any time now. Let the impeaching begin!

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