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This is another heinous example of why the death penalty is necessary

The community of Napa is rallying behind the family of 3-year old Kayleigh Slusher who tragically became statistic of child abuse at the hands of her mother's boyfriend.

Little 3-year old Kayleigh Slusher never had a chance.

There are crimes where the death penalty is warranted, earned, and should be immediately carried out without appeal. Those with any reservation that the death penalty should not be used as a form of capital punishment are just plain dead wrong.

The emerging Communist China clearly has things wrong with their social system, but they are dead right concerning how they handle their child molesters and child murderers. They take these serial offenders out and perform a public execution post haste.

There are stories a plenty in the Bay Area about how these monsters are claimed to be rehabilitated and released with the endorsement of psychological professionals upon an unsuspecting community only to repeat their despicable behavior. Just last week an arrest of a 71-year old man was made for preying on another 6-year old child of an acquaintance. Does any more need to be seen?

In the case of Kayleigh Slusher, her precious life was snuffed out by a predator who went out of his way to victimize Kayleigh. The beastly brutality cannot be balanced out with life imprisonment which would be a farce towards justice. The only way one can begin to restore justice and punishment for Kayleigh and the family and friends who will be traumatized for the rest of their lives is the death penalty.

One can be for forgiveness, but there is a point where a Carte Blanche on forgiveness just cannot be done without the proper penalty being administered. Many of our laws have been imported from the morality of the Judeo-Christian heritage that this nation was founded. For some strange reason, some people believe the death penalty should not be an option to a “civilized society”.

Nobody substantiates why it is a bad idea to have the death penalty apart from having an idealistic opinion about a utopian society. One can easily claim that locking up somebody for the rest of their life is just as cruel.

However what is totally lost is a concern for the perpetrator and not the wreckage left in the wake to people as those as the Kayleigh Slusher family. Plus the justice needed to balance the scales of a little girl that had her life stolen from her is not adequately considered. Does one really believe life in prison brings restitution for Kayleigh, her family, and friends? Forget about the argument regarding no parole because there are cases where the criminal was paroled in no parole punishment.

The shedding of innocent blood brings a special category of condemnation from a Biblical God which demands, not requests, but demands the life of the murderer be forfeit. One can be forgiven, but the proper compensation still remains to be paid. There is not more innocent blood than that of a little three year old on the threshold of starting out her life. This robbery is a reprehensible abomination and needs to be treated as such.

By choice the man responsible took drugs and willingly entered into a realm where deceit, violence, and mind control dominates those around. In all probability Kayleigh’s mother became a terrorized victim herself by a man whose picture would bring nightmares to any daughter's father this guy wanted to date. Let’s not pretend tolerance on this issue, this guy radiated evil.

The same scenario has been replicated before with nauseating results; abusive boyfriend of a young mother creates mayhem in the lives of the mother’s children and family. There were numerous domestic violence calls and signs that trouble was brewing.

This abuser of Kayleigh was apparently a sociopath outraged by the spark of hope and good the little girl represented and it became only a matter of time that the desire to extinguish that spark would take place. This is the goal of evil….to inflict misery.

The only equitable outcome for the stolen life of Kayleigh is to execute this piece of work and bring about justice to some small degree. The heartache caused by this heartless individual cannot compensate the family, friends, and society for the outrage committed against Kayleigh. The beast responsible for this travesty against Kayleigh cashed out all of his options.

Regarding mercy this killer will probably receive a much more merciful end to his life compared to the terror inflicted on little Kayliegh, particularly should the death penalty be appropriately done.

Righteous indignation is a legitimate Christian reaction when certain types of sin are under discussion. Never is it stipulated in the Bible where people are instructed not to be angry when it is appropriate or to not take the necessary action to correct the wrong.

One is expected to not let the sun go down on their anger because it is an unhealthy practice to allow anger to continue and become a grudge or turn into bitterness. Forgiveness is to be offered for the benefit of those offended, not the offender. It may take a while before the forgiveness olive branch can be offered.

God will forgive, but it does not mean the consequences are relinquished. King David was forgiven for his sins, but God did not remove the consequences as the curse announced “the sword will not leave your household” demonstrates the catastrophic results of King David’s lusts being acted upon.

The death penalty needs to be given to Kayleigh’s murderer without qualification to establish some type of equitable punishment. Allowing the killer to live can never be justified with pontification about the punishment being inhumane or uncivilized. In Kayleigh’s case, this penalty was earned.

Some people deserve to die.

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