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This is a real job. Really.

But, it is a real job.
But, it is a real job.
son of the south

I've been working from my home for almost a year now and have enjoyed my enormous amount of flexibility and freedom. I can now boast that I have more than a handful of clients (whew!).  It is all working out fabulously.

What has taken me a year to figure out is that this is a real job. With so much flexibility and freedom, I often take it for granted which means that I don't take my time (and professionalism) very seriously.  To my surprise, I actually need to crank out at least 6 hours of work daily.


Most of you with traditional office jobs may ask what made me realize the obvious? Well, my kids were sick at home last week. I was extremely thankful I was able to stay at home and be their nurse, but with all the cuddle-giving, water-fetching, temperature-taking and Advil-dispensing my actual work productivity was seriously shot.  I am paying for it this week by having way too much to do…just like a "real" job.