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This is a laughing matter!

All jokes aside, it is fundamental to laugh as much as we can. Throughout the day we may give false smiles, smirks, a tiny giggle or a half hearted grin, but there is nothing better for our health than a full out, from the belly laugh. It is known to decrease stress and boost our immune systems. It is also mentally stimulating and decreases the occurrence of depression.

There is no top dollar prescription for a good dose of laughter. Its simple and readily available. It can be taken in the form of a family gathering where funny stories are told or games are played. Whether is it a game of boxing on the Wii U or a round of card games, there is nothing better to bring out good laughter like good times. Add a comedy movie to this mix and you may find yourself laughing all night.

Sharing laughter is also a cost effective way to bring good spirits to those near and far. I was recently sent a funny video from a friend of mine. I kept replaying it and laughing - each and every time. Not only can this increase ones good mood but it also formulates intimacy with all those involved. A smile may be contagious but laughter is in a league of its own.

Next time you're in a fight or a mood tormenting situation, think of something that makes you laugh! Your heart and mind will appreciate it. It's true that life is too short so why shorten it even more by adding stress to yourself and impacting your health?

So be proactive and start to put things in your life that will bring a smile to your face and laughter to your heart. Make plans to watch a comedy show or movie, make time to be around positive people, find activities that you really enjoy, read funny articles and don't be afraid to take part in activities that you may think are silly. You just may surprise yourself by the laughter that will be part of your everyday!

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