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This increase in accidents is not good

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On Tuesday evening earlier this week, there was a rollover accident. A black Jeep Cherokee rolled over several times on the off ramp of the Mustang exit off of I-80 east before landing on its roof. The time of the accident was approximately 9:15pm and the woman did not suffer any major injuries, as a precaution she ended up going to the hospital.

Another accident took place the evening of Independence Day around 9:30pm in the Sun Valley area. A person that was riding his moped pulled out of a driveway somewhere inbetween Second and Fourth Streets. He was going onto Sun Valley Boulevard, and then he was struck by a Ford Explorer that was headed southbound on Sun Valley Boulevard. A preliminary investigation said that the rider of the moped failed to give right of way to oncoming traffic. The rider of the moped was pronounced dead at the scene. None of the occupants in the Ford Explorer were hurt, and the driver is cooperating with the investigation.

What do these accidents tell us?

It is a fact that automobiles are a reliable mode of transportation to help us get from one point to another. Whether you ride a bicycle, drive a motor vehicle or decide to walk; make sure you know that you are alert before heading to another destination. Have someone verify that you are alert if you need to, a second opinion always helps.

Watch out for people around you, and pay attention to what other drivers are doing. If you are in pain, worn out from a long day at work, drunk from having a couple of drinks, tired from the night before or in too much of a hurry to go somewhere; these are only a small sample of potential causes for an accident.

Considering this person on the moped did not give the right of way to oncoming traffic, think about the potential causes of his riding the moped in the wrong direction.

Take your time, make sure that your vehicle is in good operating condition and that you are capable of driving it (good physical condition, alert to make good judgment and more). Even though you may take the same roads to get somewhere, there are still possible variables that could cause an accident with someone else; even if you don't know. You don't want to cost another person's life and possibly your own live(s).



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