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This horror collection is "Killer"

According to writer, Kenny Keen, this is the kind of short story collection that horror fans crave...what they thirst for. This is the Killer Collection. Keen has compiled an awesome book of horror stories for the horror junkie that truly aims to please...and what better place to market them than Kickstarter, a place where you reach the people who matter up close and personal. Where people help people reach their goals and in turn, are rewarded and forever become a part of the finished project. “Need your horror fix?” Keen tells us”Then look no further! A great compilation of horror stories are looming on the horizon. Stories about an escaped serial killer, a cursed hitman, and a house with a ghostly secret.”

Read this horror collection with the lights on!
Kenny Keen
This horror anthology is totally killer
Kenny Keen

The three featured stories of the collection are listed here:


This eerie thriller takes place out in an old country house with a mysterious past. There is more than meets the eye here as Tonya and her husband move in, she starts to see things…very strange things. The ghost of a young girl appears and wants to guide her to a secret that died along with the girl...but is Tonya prepared for what she is about to discover?

Fortune’s Curse

An emotionless hitman stops in for dinner after a night of taking out his targets. After dinner he opens his fortune cookie and reads his fortune. He gets a disturbing message intended only for him. Now the tables are suddenly turned as his past comes back to haunt him.

Revenge of the Spider

The Spider is a serial killer sentenced to death row for killing several teens many years ago. But when the time comes to pay the ultimate price for his sins, he escapes to seek out and find the one victim of his that got away. Will she be able to survive the revenge of the spider?

Keen warns us that this collection is so scary that you will want to put the lights on when you read it. He is planning on producing four issues of horrific tales anthologies that will be included with certain rewards. Hence, He needs the help of fans and supporters to make this book a reality. “Any contribution helps and there is so much to choose from. There’s a wide range of rewards from just donating a dollar and getting a notable mention on our social networks to donating more and getting the book, original sketch cards, prints, and even the original pages of art.”

Other rewards include the following:

  • T-shirts, shot glasses, coffee mugs
  • It is possible for contributors to become a part of the book and be a comicbook character that meets their demise. Or you can get chance to appear on an alternate cover.
  • If you own a comic shop, book store, or are hosting a comic convention. Keen will personally come out and do a book signing at an agreed date for your store or convention as a reward along with exclusive covers featuring your store/convention name on them.
  • If he reaches his stretch goals then he will add another short story titled Zonbi Uprising. Another stretch goal will be producing the book in full color.

The word “Zombi” originated from the word Zonbi; which comes from the Haitian Voodoo culture. In Haitian it means “spirit of the dead.” Keen thought that it would be interesting to use the word in its original pronunciation. This tale is similar to a number of other Zombie stories but also forms the foundation of future stories to come. It’s about a divorced man who —when all hell breaks loose — must get to his ex-wife and children before they are eaten alive by flesh-eating corpses.

Keen accepts that there are always risks and challenges involved but, according to him, nothing that he can’t resolve. He tells us that the book is complete (other than a few rewards like “alternate covers” and “be a character in the book”), and once he get photo likenesses of people who choose these packages he will jump on completing these few pages. If he reaches his full color stretch goal, he has a professional colorist already lined up to produce the colors on the book, so he assures us that there are no worries there.

This project will only be funded if at least $1,500 is pledged by Sun, Mar 23 2014.


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