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This holiday season give books to families with special needs


Looking for a meaningful holiday gift for a loved one? Most families of people with special needs struggle on a regular basis.  Daily routines can be exhausting. Emotions can run wild as family members try to understand differences.  

Books about special needs educate family members and provide a sense of community. There are books for every age.  Here are a few recommendations.  Pick up one or more of these titles:

For parents:  Parents of children with special needs struggle on a day-to-day basis with providing their children with a quality life.  There are books that offer advice on how to help lessen stress and make parenting easier.  

Overwhelmed No More by Joan CelebiCelebi is a certified life coach and holds her Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University.  Overwhelmed No More helps parents create a balanced, more joyful life for the entire family. 

Making Sense of Children's Thinking and Behavior: A Step by Step Tool for Understanding Children Diagnosed With NLD Asperger's, HFA, PDD-NOS, and Other Neurological Differences by Leslie Holzhauser-Peters and Leslie True. Making Sense of Children's Thinking and Behavior delves into the brain of children with neurological differences.  It gives insight on what children with neurological differences are thinking when they exhibit certain behaviors and how the people around them should respond.  Every family with a child who has a neurological difference should read this book.

For teens and adults:  Choose books for reading pleasure that include people with special needs.

Look Me In the Eye by John Elder Robison is a great read for teens and adults.  LMITE details the true story of a man with Asperger's Syndrome who wasn't diagnosed until he was an adult.  Despite his differences, Robison accomplished things most people could only dream of.  

Inside Out Girl by Tish Cohen is a love story about a widower who has a daughter with nonverbal learning disability and a divorcée who has teenage children.  Although Inside Out Girl was not written as a YA novel, it is a great read for both adults and teens.  Cohentouches on teen issues such as body image, bullying, and sexual orientation. 

For Children:  Children's books that showcase heroes who have special needs inspire children and give hope that everyone is capable of success.  

Jacqueline Williams-Hines has written Joshua and The Startabulous Dream Maker, The Adventures of Suther Joshua from Planet Yethican, and "Joshua, That's Sooo Slimming!"  With a comic book feel, readers will jump into Joshua's adventures and learn about all the wonders of Autism.

Green Boy by Susan Cooper tells the story of two brother, Trey and Lou.  Cooper  takes readers on an adventure into a mythical world where Lou is no longer looked upon as a mute boy with medical issues.  Lou is the only one who can save the world he has grown to love.

Books about special needs encourage families that they are not alone.  Books offer solutions to common issues and provide insight on successful living.  If you are looking for a book on a specific disability, such as Autism, go to and perform a search. includes multiple reviews on the books they list to help you determine if the book is right for you.

Give a gift with meaning.  Give hope and education.  Show friends and family how much you care by giving a book this holiday season.  It's a gift that will be read countless times and shared with the entire family over the years.

Book Reviews: An NLD Hero:  Inside Out Girl by Tish Cohen Inside Out Girl by Tish Cohen:  An LGBT young adult perspective John Elder Robison's Look Me In the Eye:  Witty, charming, and all things Aspie.

Please share your favorite books about special needs in a comment below.


  • Jacquie McKechnie 5 years ago

    Ups and Downs - Calgary Down Syndrome Association has a beautiful new coffee table book with incredible portraits and stories celebrating individuals with Down syndrome. It is called Lightness. Check it out on their website. It really is amazingly beautiful.

  • Sera Rivers 5 years ago

    Jacquie Thanks for the tip :)