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This graphic unequivocally proves the UN has an agenda against Israel

Graphic depicting death toll in Gaza
Graphic depicting death toll in Gaza
United Nations/NPR

Ever since Israel started their offensive in the Gaza strip to stop the relentless terrorist attacks from Hamas the liberal international media has shown their bias against the Jewish nation by reporting falsehoods and deliberately trying to make Israel look bad. Feeding the fire is that the United Nations has largely ignored the fact that Hamas is using the Palestinian people, who largely disapprove of the radical Islamic government, as human shields in order to create the image of Israel as mass murderers.

A recently released graphic showing the death toll in the conflict provides excellent insight into just how the information coming from the UN is portrayed by giving the world an apples to bananas comparison of the deaths from both nations. It does everything it can to visually convince those who see it that the Palestinians are victims of a brutal, sociopathic regime intent on wiping them off the map along with representing the numbers in a heavily biased way.

To start, it shows just a little circle on the left of the graphic to represent Israeli deaths, labeling them all together just as “soldiers” and omitting the days in which they died. However when representing the Palestinian deaths they itemize the number by date as if to show the escalation in violence on behalf of Israel.

To further their bias, on each individual day they separate the deaths into three categories: “Members of Armed Groups, Civilians and Unknown.” The figures are then piled on top of one another in a manner to make the civilian casualties look higher than they really are by placing militant deaths at the top as if they’re a part of the civilian category, and on days where there’s unknown deaths they go on top of the militants, making the graphic even taller.

Nowhere in the dateline does it show any Israeli deaths, and it doesn’t even mention whether or not the soldiers were male or female, yet with Palestinian deaths they give us the number of women and children who died. They also make the circular graphic representing the number of deaths nearly twice the size of the Israelis and place a little family next to it to tug at our heart strings.

On top of all of this, the numbers are so small they’re barely legible so whoever sees it will just see that red represents the Palestinian deaths and is huge, while blue represents Israeli deaths and is little, equating that Israel is obviously in the wrong.

Most people wouldn’t even pick up on these subtle details and that’s the point. This graphic is clearly intended to create an emotional response to whoever sees it, and sway the opinions of those who are lesser informed about the conflict, its origins, and the tactics being used by Hamas against the IDF.

If this wasn’t the case, then there would be consistency between the two sides of the graph and it would lack the common visual cues used in marketing to sway perception. This graphic is nothing more than anti-Israel propaganda from the people of the UN.

Evidence proving my theory can be found in the comments section of the NPR article I pulled this graphic from, where users make the most ignorant comments based of the heavily biased graphic and information being spoon fed to them.

Go ahead and check it out.

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