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This Friday, 24 hours in New Orleans will feel like 4 lifetimes

still photo from Laundry Day promo shoot
still photo from Laundry Day promo shoot
Armak Productions

The moment many across the world have been waiting for arrives this Friday. Laundry Day, the latest project from Armak Productions, premieres its first official online trailer.

Local film supporters and professionals will remember the advanced screenings back in January, hosted at DyverseCity. Now anyone who missed that event can taste their first tease of Laundry Day. In an edit cut together by Andrew Bryan and Chip Hornstein for showing at the SXSW, the 2-minute trailer is said to deliver the most fun possible.

Laundry Day exhibits the stories of four New Orleans barflies whose lives are more closely intertwined than any of them realise. That is, until one chaotic fight causes them each to revisit the past 24 hours, revealing deep connexions and twisted lies. The feature film from director Randy Mack is best described as Magnolia meets Barfly. It stars Samantha Ann Huffman, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Kerry Cahill, and Billy Slaughter as the four central characters.

The online premiere, visible via Vimeo, among many other platforms, happens this Friday, April 4th, at 5pm EST/4 CST, 3 MST, 2 PST. Tune in!


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