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This Fourth of July teach preschoolers about the American Flag

American flag was displayed at the 2014 soccer games.
American flag was displayed at the 2014 soccer games.
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

If you do not already have one, purchase an American Flag and take your preschoolers to the store to help choose one. Lowes
sells American flags.

The 50 stars on the American Flag represent the 50 states in our nation. The thirteen stripes represent our thirteen original colonies.
Preschoolers may not yet grasp the historical concept or significance of states and colonies, but they can know they the country where they live is called the United States of America. They can also count the thirteen stripes, with the goal of counting at least 30 of the 50 stars. Some preschoolers can count to 100.

Teachers at some preschools encourage preschoolers to create American flags. Construction paper, glue, and glitter in the colors of red, white, and blue may be used. Be careful that children wash their hands well after working with glitter so it does not get into their eyes.

Other materials to use in creating American flags in preschools include paper with paint, crayons, or markers. Star stickers also work well and cotton is fun to spread and glue for white stripes. Working with actual cotton material such as a rag cut out from a t-shirt will be more difficult to color with markers.

Make sure preschoolers can identify the colors of red, white, and blue. At the age of four, if a preschooler has been taught these colors, but cannot identify them after much repetition, try a matching game to see if the preschooler can match two red crayons and two blue crayons that are the same. If the child cannot, but can identify the shapes of circle, square, and diamond, then use this color blind test.

For the history of the American Flag, go here. For templates of the American Flag, go to Coloring Castle.

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