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This Fourth of July, celebrate 'Community's' Independence

Tomorrow or today (July fourth), don’t just celebrate this country’s successful eviction of British rule; as another harrowing departure from tyranny recently took place – Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’, after being placed on the chopping block by NBC AGAIN, created such a fan uproar that caused salvation to come from, a place we NEVER expected – Yahoo. IGN reports that after the show was axed by NBC, then turned down by both Netflix and Hulu, in an unexpected miraculously heroic movie, Yahoo Screen (don’t worry, no one else had ever heard of it either), picked up the show for a 13 episode run, reportedly this fall.

Images of the sixth season's likely cast.
Images of the sixth season's likely cast.Google image search
The shows original cast.
The shows original cast.Google image search

Since this was done just before the cast’s contracts were set to expire, the current members will reprise their existing rules (excluding Donald Glover and Chevy Chase). This development helps to showcase the power of the internet when backed by devotees (as if the Arab Spring wasn’t enough). One noticeable change that might occur though is the inclusion of vulgar language and other crude content from the switch to Internet availability.

As for the movie half of the #sixseasonsandamovie cry, it is unlikely that Yahoo will be onboard for that, as at its mere mention, they are already talking about extending the show. The cast and Dan Harmon’s intentions have not been revealed beyond Allison Brie’s mentioning, in brief, that the show’s cry were only planning to fulfill the plans call, in an attempt to show acknowledgement for their support. However, the ultimate outcome remains to be seen, but will likely resemble Netflix’s salvation of ‘Arrested Development’ (with only one season since 2013 and no news about any more).

So in conclusion, ’Community’ WILL return for its sixth season, much to the fans’ chagrin despite repeated efforts to quell the esoteric comedy series. If you are not familiar with the cult hit, it is currently in syndication with Comedy Central and several other local NBC affiliates, as well as the current installments available on DVD. So spend this weekend experiencing a strong dose of meta humor.

Attached (linked) is the March 2014 Google + Hangout with cast members Alison Brie, Danny Pudi and Jim Rash.