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This Fake Phone Number Teaches Creepy Bar Flys About Feminism

Someone call the burn unit. We've got a bad one over here.
Adam Cecil

Women everywhere give men fake numbers when they don’t want to give out their real ones. It’s stupid that men feel entitled to a phone number, even when it’s clear that the woman is not interested.

The “feminist phone intervention” is a new tool to help destroy that feeling of entitlement. A tumblr dedicated to promoting the number launched earlier this week with a single post explaining the project: “when the person calls or texts, an automatically-generated quotation from feminist writer bell hooks will respond for you.”

Even if the would-be suitor doesn’t know who author and feminist activist bell hooks is, they should hopefully get an earful from her. When Bitch Magazine writer Sarah Mirk texted the number, she got the quote “If any female feels she need anything beyond herself to legitimate and validate her existence, she is already giving away her power to be self-defining, her agency.” When I reached out to the number, I got back “Whenever domination is present, love is lacking.”

Here’s a statement from the tumblr:

“because we’re raised to know it’s safer to give a fake phone number than to directly reject an aggressive guy.
because we’re raised to know that evasion or rejection can be met with violence.
because women are still threatened and punished for rejecting advances.
because (669) UGH-ASIF, WTF-DUDE, and MAJR-SHADE were taken.
because why give any old fake number, when you can have bell hooks screen your calls?
so next time, just give out this number: (669) 221-6251
tech to protect.”

The phrase “tech to protect” is not only brilliant, but a great motto for future social activists. Not only is this tool practical, it’s an amazing statement in and of itself.

So, what say you? Will bell hooks be screening your calls from now on?

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