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This Facebook app can tell you if your 'friends' are registered sex offenders

Do you really know all of your Facebook friends? A new app allows Facebook users to uncover the dirt on who is on the other side of the screen. That person you just approved a friend request from? They could be a criminal, a wanted fugitive or a registered sex offender, and a new app designed for the world’s largest social media site will tell you.

Here's how it works: Type in “Friend Verifier App” on your Facebook search bar. Then, go to the page and click on the app. Click “Scan Your Friends” and seconds later you will learn if any of them are flagged in state and federal databases. You can also click here for the direct link to the Facebook page.

The app, called “Friend Verifier,” returns results in three colors depending on the closeness of a match: Yellow for those whose names only are matched, orange for a name and last known address match, and red for name, location and date of birth match. The app pours through state and federal online databases and searches for potential name matches on sex offender registries, wanted lists, Amber Alerts and criminal records.

With most Facebookers entering into the hundreds of friends numerics, having an app like this can provide some peace of mind. “Just random people add me and it's weird,” said Jacksonville Facebook user Sonora Clemente. “I think it will be great, kids are always adding cause it's a contest to see who has the most friends,” added parent Susan Bullock.

Most state departments have an online site that allows you to sign up for email or text alerts when a sex offender moves in or out of your neighborhood. However, with this app you can find out if they are closer than you think.

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