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This diner is glad there's a little Boston in El Cajon

We are glad there's a little Boston in San Diego
We are glad there's a little Boston in San Diego
Boston Market

The year 1985 was the year of Boston Chicken. A couple of guys opened a restaurant in Newton, Mass. I’m talkin’ Boston here where Newton is one of Boston’s many suburbs, thus the name.

Glad there's a little Boston in San Diego
Boston Market

Ten years later and it’s a success story. By then they’re selling over $21 million per year, they’ve gone public with over 200 stores and by the tenth year anniversary they were known as Boston Market which they felt better reflected the good comfort foods available inside the stores.

Once immerging from chapter 11 bankruptcy successfully, and adjusting to the ownership of the empire by the new boss, McDonald’s Corp. they simply continued playing ball according to the plan, to provide good comfort food at down home prices.

I barely remember when Boston Market opened their operation at 706 Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon, right next to KFC... must have been back about 1994 or ’95 because back then that particular location was flailing in the morass of company changes. I took the family into try on the Boston Market fare and wasn’t impressed at all.

Fast forward to 2014 and my family was about to undergo a family reunion in Santee with members in from Nevada who we hadn’t seen in a few years. We considered where to eat and came up with Boston Market only because we figured they had to improve the products or they wouldn't still be in business some 20 years later.

The layout inside that location was a little different but basics were the same. It was very clean inside and the foods smelled pretty good. We adjusted the thinking to eating at the dining room table and what we pictured in our minds was the family meal for five but as the server pointed out the meal for six was a better value so we ordered up the chicken; turkey; ribs; along with six sides and beat a path to Grandma’s house for complete consumption.

I found myself watching this wonderful meal unfold with all the appearances of a fine Thanksgiving dinner at home and I was sure that Boston Market would be the provider of choice when November 2014 rolls around.

What a great pleasure to see a feast looking fine but all the better was the taste. The sides were perfect. The entrees were picture perfect as well and I may never know why we picked Boston Market for that meal but I am glad we did.

Nancy and I have been back twice to test the waters. It appears to be the real deal. It wasn’t just luck of the draw they truly figured out how to make the best chicken dinner around.