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This Day in History - Baby Born 84 Days After Mother's Death

Those who follow the news may remember August of 2005, when Susan Rollins, who had been declared brain dead nearly nine weeks before, gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was 26 weeks old. The following day, Susan Rollins passed away, and only one month later, the baby girl died during surgery.

A tragic story, however doctors have commented that it was not unlikely the baby would not survive.

Fortunately, this isn't always the ending that prevails.

In 1983, a baby girl was born to a 21 year old, who also resided in Virginia, 84 days after being declared brain dead.

Information is sketchy on this piece of history, due to the family's' desire for anonymity.

What is know, is that the young woman had a seizure when she was 17 to 20 weeks pregnant, according to a doctor at the hospital, stated right before the news was blacked out.

She was declared brain dead that same day. 84 days after the incident, on July 5th, 1983, she gave birth to a healthy 3 pound, 11 ounce baby girl. Her life support was discontinued and she passed away shortly after.

At a news conference following the birth, where the name was not released, Dr. Robert Allen pronounced that the baby girl ''appears to be an extraordinarily normal'' infant.

No news followed, leading one to believe that the baby had been as healthy as reported, and, perhaps, thrives to this day.

If anyone happens to know anything more, or can find further information I was unable to locate, I'd love to know if this was truly a happy ending.

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