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This Day in 1807: Slavery Act

Holding truth to our constitution, not only to the amendment, consistency moves through America to become “A More Perfect Union.” Finding the United States constitutes a Union bound in our Founding Fathers, regarding Slavery as a “Peculiar Institution.” Inching towards truth was and is always progressive, especially in our Country. Ending the importation of the Slave Trade creates opportunity in the spirit of the Constitution.

A glimpse into a more perfect union.
Law in Progress

On the reaction of the Harpers Ferry, John Brown was convicted and sentenced, new laws produce prevention and slow the Slave population. Not to plague the American society with lawlessness, measures implemented to steady equilibrium, furthering a more homogeneous land of opportunity. The Slave Act of 1807:

"Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That no citizen or citizens of the United States, or foreigner, or any other person coming into, or residing within the same, shall, for himself or any other person whatsoever, either as master, factor or owner, build, fit, equip, load or otherwise prepare any ship or vessel, within any port or place of said United States, nor shall cause any ship or vessel to sail from any port or place within same, for the purpose of carrying on any trade or traffic in slaves, to any foreign country; or for the purpose of procuring, from any foreign kingdom, place or country, the inhabitants of such kingdom, place or country, to be transported to any foreign country, port, or place whatever, to be sold or disposed of, as slaves: And if any ship or vessel shall be so fitted out, as aforesaid, for the said purposes, or shall be caused to sail, so as aforesaid, every ship or vessel, her tackle, furniture, apparel and other appurtenances, shall be forfeited to the United States; and shall be liable to be seized, prosecuted and condemned, in any of the circuit courts or district court for the district where said ship or vessel may be found and seized.

On this day in 1807, this law was passed to give more opportunities for America to be greater and the most progressive land ever to exist. America, the United States, is the best country in the world.

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