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This Christmas give the gift of laughter with 'American Psycho'

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman from 'American Psycho'.
Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman from 'American Psycho'.
LA Movie Examiner

The Christmas season is a time that people are asked to pay heed to those that they normally overlook; the poor, the homeless, and those with a morbid and depraved sense of humor. Chances are most people have at least one friend of that last variety. They are that sole echoing laugh that cuts through the theater when the rest of the audience is cringing. So, if you are looking for a stocking stuffer for that disturbed individual this holiday season, American Psycho will be sure to put a smile on their face, even if it is a creepy smile that makes you regret even being near them on Christmas.
If you know anything about the film or have ever seen one of the trailers it may be hard to consider this a comedy. After all, how can movie about a high powered executive steadily losing his mind and brutally murdering a number of people be funny? It certainly shouldn’t be, but Christian Bale makes it possible. Normally murdering an innocent prostitute is a grisly on-screen scenario; but when Bale is chasing the hysterical girl with a chainsaw in nothing but his tube socks it’s a laugh riot. Similarly there is usually nothing funny about an ax murderer. Yet, imagine the killer lulling his victim into a false sense of security by discussing how pivotal “Hip to Be Square” was for Huey Lewis and the News, both commercially and ideologically.
From start to finishing the film is disturbing, but always in a way that catches you off guard. As you follow Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) on his tour through high society parties, cocaine filled night clubs, and glamorous high rise condos you can never be certain when he will snap next or what catchy 80’s pop rock classic will accompany the ensuing carnage.
Despite how you feel about most slasher or murder mayhem movies, American Psycho will be sure to keep you entertained. And, more likely than not you’ll catch yourself laughing before the end, even if you do feel a bit sorry for the janitor who stepped off the elevator at just the wrong moment.