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This checklist will get your next job

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Can you demonstrate?

  • a consistent, stable work ethic
  • clear, critical thinking
  • maturity
  • professionalism

Are you likable?

  • friendliness
  • relevance to the profession
  • empathy
  • being real

Do you have a game plan?

  • Create a brand. Sell yourself on paper and in social media. Digital portfolios like this one are easy to make and upkeep.
  • Network by reaching out to everyone you know.
  • Create a personal narrative to clearly define your values and goals.
  • Focus on fitting your strengths into the industry you're applying to.
  • Find a mentor in the field who can provide resources and contacts.
  • Stay positive and confident that you can show and tell how you are marketable and worthy of being employed.

Can you survive a job interview?

  • Practice holding conversations about your skill set and knowledge in the context of the field you're entering. If you are a student, visit your college career center to get feedback on your interviewing skills.
  • Be prepared, pleasant, and prompt.
  • Believe in yourself.