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This Border Chaos Is Just a Rehearsal

What Amensty Will Look Like
What Amensty Will Look Like

The anarchy on the southern border is getting ample coverage by the news media. And Americans are witnessing something that many of us, who have been ringing the illegal immigration alarm for over 20 years, have predicted. When the expectation is that you can make it, and you can stay in the United States, this is the response you get.

I don’t know who is responsible for spreading the word that the border is open, so I’ll just blame most everyone in government. With the exception of a few Senators and a few Congressmen, the entire political elite deserve the blame. It is their talk of amnesty and “comprehensive immigration reform,” echoed throughout the national and international news media that has led to this influx of illegal aliens.

But, this is just a dress rehearsal.

If “comprehensive immigration reform”, aka amnesty, is ever passed into law, all the border states, north and south, and our entire coastline, east and west, will be assaulted by people fleeing the hell holes of the Third World. This is just the dress rehearsal. And remember, there are about 6 billion people on the planet who have it worse off than the Mexicans and Central Americans.

Remember these images of thousands coming north. Remember the discussion about how whole areas of the border are unsecured because agents are busy doing "processing" or changing diapers.

If amnesty is passed, what we are seeing today will be replicated in all the border states and it will actually look like the invasion that many of us have written about and predicted.

Illegal Immigration Lesson #1: Expectations

People will spend their time and their money and risk their life if they have a reasonable expectation of making it.

We know from the 1986 IRCA Amnesty, that it was a magnet for illegal aliens not already here. 1 million illegal aliens were predicted by INS, over 3.5 million applied.

The 11 million number you hear is a farce repeated by those who are corrupt and don’t want to rock the boat with the Republicans, or those who don’t want America to know how bad illegal immigration really is.

A couple weeks ago I was speaking to a retired Border Patrol supervisor and opined that if they do pass an amnesty, by the time it is done, over 50 million people will apply. His educated response was:

60 million.”

So, prepare for a repeat on the border, only in spades, if and when another amnesty is announced.

Because, ain’t seen nuthin,’ yet.


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. --Winston Churchill

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