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This basket is the picture of creativity. Make it from 35 milimeter film negatives.

This basket is made from the 35 millimeter negatives that come with your pictures that are developed in a photo lab. They are easy to work with and sturdy and are the ultimate in recycling. I made these out of negatives that I found in my late Mother-in-laws box of pictures. This made the basket a nice keepsake.This form looks pretty with a flame-less tea light in the center to show through the film.

More Photos

This basket is made with the film strips and double stick tape. Use a large eyed needle threaded with old cassette tape to sew together the handle and accent the top edge. You may need scissors to trim. Follow the slideshow for assembly and picture the possibilities. You can decorate by adding buttons and old earrings that you can sew or hot glue on.


  • Annette 4 years ago

    Interesting Craft idea... Annette Milwaukee Arts and Crafts Examiner