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This App May Improve Your Love Life

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, happiness training site Happify might be an app you'll want to check out - especially if you want to stay happy in that humdrum relationship of yours.

Positive couples are happier

Founded in 2012, Happify uses science and technology to help its users cultivate happiness in their daily lives. The app is designed to be used in conjunction with the website, and both offer games and activities to boost those happy feelings.

In return, they want your contact details (Facebook, Twitter or email) to make this experience more social. It’s a freemium service, meaning you can pay, or connect with social media, to unlock more activities.

And, like any successful freemium app, Happify gives you a few games to get you hooked before prompting you to pay, or share with social, in order to continue unlocking things. Happiness is now a commodity, and that’s kind of scary.

Despite that, Happify does have some interesting things to say about what makes a relationship stronger, and has released an Infographic revealing what makes happy couples so happy.

Happy couples have five positive interactions with each other for every negative one. Happy couples talk more, and happy couples make time for sex. Most of this sounds pretty obvious, right? But are you doing these things?

If you are and you want to INCREASE those happy vibes between you and your partner, you should be giving compliments, showing appreciation, reliving positive memories and doing something sweet for each other now and again - and what better day to start than Valentine's Day?

The biggest tip Happify offers though (in its Infographic) is around how we react - or should react, rather - to our partner’s good news. Congratulating them, showing excitement on their behalf, and encouraging them to relive the memory through talking to you about it all earn you major relationship bonus-points. Are you listening, mens?

Happify doesn’t rate having kids all that highly - but hey, kid haters are everywhere online so that's not very surprising. Apparently, 67% of parents notice a significant drop in marital happiness — but perhaps that’s because there’s less time for doing all those couple-y things they suggested earlier.

Whether or not you agree with the concept of Happify, they offer some important reminders around things you're likely forgetting in these digitally-obsessed times.

You can find Mary C. Long on Twitter or connect with her here.

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